Change of Heart – January 2019

As many of you know, every one of my published books has a charitable element to them. I believe that my ability to put words on paper is a gift, and it has become important to me that I share that gift to help others. Generosity is contagious, as it spreads from our money to our time, our talents, our abilities and our presence. In the past I have had the pleasure of working with The Pillowcase Project, the Never Alone Foundation and the CFL Alumni Support Fund, to name a few.

In January 2018, Change of Heart will be released and again, I’ll be sharing the proceeds from this new book. Some of the proceeds from Change of Heart will go to support a very dear friend, Amy Tung’s project, I Am Love.

Change of Heart – January 2019

Paul Jacobs, a man broken by his own choices, has been running from the pain in his life. When he becomes trapped in an historic bed and breakfast during a violent storm and with the help of the innkeeper, Paul is forced to confront his beliefs, his purpose and his heart. What he learns during his stay will change his world forever. In a world where religion seems to grow increasingly irrelevant, Change of Heart is an emotional journey of one man’s redemption and salvation, and the discovery of the one thing we all search for.

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