Special Signing – The Unexpected Gift

At the age of 42, Tara Torchia-Wells was diagnosed with cancer. She was devastated, it was a diagnosis that she never expected. There was no family history and she was young. Cancer changed her life, but it also gave her a gift.

There was so much more than just that diagnosis. There was the physical and emotional struggles that come with the disease. Tara understands what a person experiences because of cancer. The vulnerability and uncertainty of what the future holds is challenging. What should not be a struggle is finding the products and services someone needs while going through cancer.

When Tara was in recovery, she joined organized support groups and it was there that she learned so much. By speaking with others going through similar experiences, she learned about products that would have been beneficial while going through treatment. It was the small things that would make such a difference in her level of comfort, while having chemotherapy and radiation.

This is the knowledge, the Tara wants to provide. Cancer changed her life, and allowed Tara to realize what is authentically important. Family, friends and people are what life is about. Not all the chaos that patients get wrapped up in. Enjoying the moment and hearing the laughter make challenges easier to overcome. That is the gift. And that is what The Unexpected Gift is all about.

Join me today at Tara’s Unexpected Gift at 1116 Portage Avenue for a special book signing of What Doesn’t Kill You – The Lyle Bauer Story from 1:00pm to 4:00pm.

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