What An Honour!

Have you ever noticed that something weird happens to us when it comes to our sports idols? We watch them on a 46’ plasma flat screen in the comfort of our homes or neighbourhood bar while they sweat it out on the court, the field or the ice. We read every headline about them online and in the papers. We follow their Twitter feeds and Instagram accounts. We like their Facebook pages and add their highlight videos to our Favourites on YouTube. Some go even further by studying and memorize their stats in such depth that they can recite them easier the Lord’s Prayer. And sometimes, on a rare occasion, we might even get to shake their hand and possibly exchange a few words. And from all that, we presume to know them.

Take for example the legendary Winnipeg Blue Bomber, #59, Lyle Bauer, a charismatic leader and competitor known for playing through injuries and leaving it all on the field. In a career spanning 11 years, #59 was a sports icon in Winnipeg. He became a role model and a celebrity during a stretch of some of the best football years in Winnipeg Blue Bombers’ history.

I first met Lyle back in the 90s when he was in real estate. We reconnected again through the Never Alone Foundation. It has been an unbelievable honour getting to know the Lyle over the past few years. His story is a true inspiration and the tales of him, Chris Walby, Bob Molle, Stan Mikawos and David Black have given me a new respect to the guys on the line.

This is an exciting project and I’m looking forward to delving into this over the next few months.

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