Making Peace with the Year That’s Passed


Like always, the end of the year naturally lends itself to reflection. Over the next few days we’ll see lists of best albums, movies, TV moments and significant local and world events reminding us of the triumphs and tragedies of the year that has passed. For some, this year was one for the record books: new life, love, opportunity, beginnings, provision. For others, it couldn’t end fast enough: loss, sickness, layoffs, divorce and disappointments. We’re ready to close another chapter, hopeful that a new year will bring a new storyline.

Regardless of which way the year went, taking time to thoughtfully and honestly reflect on all that has taken place—how we’ve changed, what we’ve learned and what we’ve gained is healthy and helpful.

With that in mind, below are some questions to help you reflect and make peace with the year that’s passed. Read them and pick a few to answer. They can be used for personal reflection but might also serve as talking points for spouses, families, friends or co-workers.

What were the most significant things in your life this year? How did they shape you?

What was difficult in your life this year and why?

What were the triumphs of this year?

Who was important in your life this year? What roles did they play?

What relationships have changed this year? How and why? How has that affected you?

What relationships are in need of repair? Where do you need to extend or receive forgiveness?

What losses or disappointments did you suffer this year? How is your life different because of them?

In what areas did you struggle with sin?

What did you learn about yourself this year? How are you different?

What has happened in the world this year? How has your perspective and worldview changed?

Do you have regrets? What are they? How have you worked to resolve them?

What fears and/or hopes for the coming year do you have?

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