What Is “Christian” Fiction?

maryreadAs soon as you mention to someone you’re an author, the first thing people ask is “What do you write?’ When I answer “Christian fiction,” I get usually get a blank stare followed by a “Oh, okay.” Many people simply don’t understand what Christian fiction is and how it is different from other fiction.

The best way to describe it is this: Christian fiction is a category written by novelists whose Christian faith and world view is woven into the fabric of the plot and character development.  It is not bible thumping as some people put it.

Good fiction, whether or not it is identified as Christian, provides a reader with a memorable experience that captures the imagination, inspires, challenges, and educates. Fiction published for the Christian book market does not include the gratuitous demonstration of violence or sexual situations. The stories are about credible characters in a situation of human circumstance that point the reader to hope.

Because the essence of Christianity is a relationship with one’s faith, a Christian novelists’ story will in some way, whether directly or indirectly, add insight to the reader’s understanding of life, faith, hope and love.

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